The Ephod is described in Exodus 39:1-31.

The Ephod was the outer sacred garment worn by Aaron, the High Priest, when he officiated in the sanctuary. It was made according to instructions given by God to Moses. It was woven of pure blue yarn with a hem of embroidered blue, purple, and crimson pomegranates. Bells of pure gold were attached between the pomegranates all around the hem of the robe, to protect the wearer when he entered the holy place.

Gold threads were worked into designs among blue, purple, and crimson yarns. The Ephod had epaulets into which jeweled shoulder pieces were attached, and a square, gold breastpiece with four rows of stones was attached to them. The stones corresponded in number to the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Since no Ephod or breastpiece has ever been found in any archaeological excavation, Rotholz was free and inspired to imagine its design. Each unique work is a celebration of subtly modulated color and tapestry-like texture, embossed with different motifs inspired by archaeological fragments all placed in formal rectangles of color.